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Curiosity has discovered ancient rocks formed by water on Mars

June 25th, 2022

Mars was not always the rocky, lifeless planet that we know it to be now. At least, all of the science seems to point towards that truth. For years, NASA has been discovering more about our neighboring planet. And now, the space agency’s Curiosity rover has discovered even more evidence that water once covered parts …


New paper claims Jupiter may have ‘eaten’ other planets

June 24th, 2022

Jupiter has been quite a mystery for astronomers over the years. Despite being the largest planet within our solar system, we know very little about the inner workings of this gas giant. Now, though, NASA’s June space probe may have shed some new light on how the planet formed. Researchers now believe that Jupiter may …


Researchers built a laser that can supposedly run forever

June 23rd, 2022

Researchers have managed to create a never-ending laser they say can run forever. Unlike normal light-powered lasers, this laser draws its power from a special phase of matter. The researchers published their findings on the laser in the journal Nature earlier this month. We’ve seen a number of breakthroughs in lasers in recent years, including …

bat using echolocation in flight

Crazy experiment shows humans can learn to echolocate like bats

June 22nd, 2022

When you think of echolocation, you probably think of bats or dolphins. But echolocation has also been used as a way for blind people to navigate, too. Despite the skill’s usefulness, few blind people have actually learned how to use echolocation. Now, though, researchers say humans can learn echolocation in as little as 10 weeks. …