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Editorial Standards

BGR Mission & Ethics Statement

BGR has been a leading online news destination for 15 years. Since the site’s launch in 2006, entertaining and informing our readers has been our top priority.

We are known for industry-leading coverage that includes breaking technology news, in-depth product reviews, buying guides, science news, current events coverage, and more. BGR always strives to deliver high-quality content to our audience. BGR readers run the gamut from tech company CEOs and industry analysts to early adopters and savvy millennials. All of our readers have one thing in common: They demand content that is engaging, informative, and factually accurate.

The following core tenets are always top of mind at BGR.


  • BGR editors, staff writers, and contributors are committed to creating high-quality content for our audience and our syndication partners.
  • We have built a reputation for delivering factually accurate reporting and we are dedicated to maintaining that reputation.
  • All reviews and buying guides are based on thorough research and testing. See our editorial review standards for more details.
  • Any opinions expressed are those of the author. Opinions are clearly designated as such and are based on expertise and extensive research.


  • BGR prioritizes accuracy and truthfulness above all else.
  • We never intentionally mislead our readers for any reason.
  • All articles are based on thorough research and are fact-checked prior to publication.
  • Any factual inaccuracies in our reporting are corrected immediately upon discovery.


  • BGR maintains full editorial independence and is not influenced by our parent company, Penske Media Corporation, or its investors.
  • Our staff does not accept payments, gifts, or anything else of value from the companies we cover or from their representatives.
  • Any unsolicited gifts sent by PR companies are donated or discarded.
  • Our staff is not permitted to invest in or advise any companies they might cover.
  • We do not accept preconditions for coverage under any circumstances.
  • Authors do not cover companies or people where conflicts of interest may be present.


  • BGR clearly indicates when products are sent to us for free to review.
  • Editorial content is not influenced by any personal, advertising, or other business considerations.
  • Articles may include affiliate links inserted by our affiliate team or automatically by our CMS. BGR may earn a commission when products or services are purchased through those links. Authors are not influenced by affiliate links or any other business operations conducted by our marketing and advertising teams.
  • Any pages with affiliate links include appropriate disclosures.
  • Sponsored posts are clearly marked as such and are not produced by our editorial staff.

See BGR’s editorial masthead for more information about our writers and editors and their contact information.